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December 23, 2021

Veritas: The Quest

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Official synopsis

“Veritas: The Quest” — Meet Nikko Zond, a hyper-intelligent but rebellious teenager still mourning the death of his renowned archeologist mother and a virtual stranger to his workaholic father, Solomon. Solomon is really head of the Veritas Foundation, whose agenda is to seek the truth behind the mysteries of history and civilization. Teaming up for the first time with his father, Nikko finds his parents’ spirit of adventure clearly runs in his blood, as he inadvertently gets entangled in his dad’s dangerous adventures. From an excavation site of the pre-Roman civilization of Ancient Gaul to the North Pole, there is no place to which the Veritas Foundation will not venture in their mission for the truth. But a secret nefarious organization, seeking to destroy the Foundation’s research, will never be far behind. “Veritas: The Quest” stars Ryan Merriman as Nikko Zond, Alex Carter as Solomon Zond, Eric Balfour as Calvin Banks, Cynthia Martells as Maggie, Cobie Smulders as Juliet Droil with Arnold Vosloo as Vincent Siminou.

Wiki summary:

Veritas: The Quest is a television program that aired in 2003. It follows a rebellious but intelligent teenager, Nikko Zond, discovering that his father Solomon’s profession is much more mystical and adventurous than he previously thought. Solomon and his team (dubbed “Veritas,” Latin for “truth”) search for the answers to some of the world’s mysteries, a quest began because of the mysterious disappearance of Nikko’s mother during an archaeological dig. Thus begins Nikko’s fantastical journey into an Indiana Jones-style adventure with his father and his colleagues in trying to follow in his mother’s footsteps to discover what strange secrets she was uncovering.

Wiki plot:

The main protagonist of the series is Nikko Zond, a young teen, whose father is involved in many different archaeological expeditions ranging from Antarctica to harsh deserts. Nikko is at first reluctant to participate in many of the adventures, but throughout the series, it would appear that there is a hidden destiny for Nikko.

In the episode “Skulls,” a mysterious figure (Conrad Dunn) appears out of nowhere, whom only Nikko can see, and guides Nikko. The episode ends with a crystal skull that is central to the plot of the episode modelled to reveal what someone would look like with skin and muscle added to that skull. The image formed matches the mysterious man who helped Nikko.

In the episode “Eternal,” Nikko is poisoned and the only cure is for him to drink water that heals, and assures eternal life. While it is unknown if he gained eternal life or not, he did heal.

In the final episode, he suffered from hallucinations that led him to find a fragment of an artifact called the “Ring of Truth”. Before the episode ends, he has another hallucination that reveals that the fragment of the “Ring” also joins together with another fragment that his father had acquired earlier in the series. The episode ends with Nikko displaying telekinetic powers: when he reaches for his soda, it slides across the table into his hand.


Alex Carter Dr. Solomon Zond
Ryan Merriman Nikko Zond
Cobie Smulders Juliet Droil
Eric Balfour Calvin Banks
Cynthia Martells Maggie Hayes
Arnold Vosloo Vincent Siminou
Aidan Devine Tollan 

Episode Guide

#TitleAir dateSynopsis
1ReunionJanuary 27, 2003Nikko is astonished to learn his archaeologist father has a number of enemies who are willing to commit murder. All Nikko has to do is persuade his dad he’s not a screw up, stop trying to flirt with his tutor, and try to stay alive.
2AntarcticaFebruary 3, 2003The team go to Antarctica in search of an ancient power source. But, when their plane crashes, that power source might be the only way to stay alive.
3SkullsFebruary 10, 2003A group of Neo-Nazis are willing to go to any lengths to find the a crystal skull, the last one of a set of four. Fortunately, a strange homeless man is determined to help Nikko get to it first.
4HeistMarch 10, 2003Juliet goes undercover as a reporter but Calvin’s jealousy might be a problem. Nikko catches Vincent in talks with Dorna operatives.
5The Wheel Of DharmaUnairedThe team searches for a Buddhist relic in Tibet.
6SangraalUnairedThe team searches for the Holy Grail in Nova Scotia.
7Mummy VirusUnairedThe discovery of a pre-Incan mummy leads to the release of an ancient virus which a pharmaceutical company tries to use for their own nefarious purposes.
8Name Of GodUnairedThe team searches for a rabbi who can translate the ancient inscriptions from the time of Abraham discovered in Nova Scotia.
9Devil’s ChildUnairedThe team searches for a Ukraine boy who can translate any language in the world to help them with the inscriptions found in a pyramid and to help Dr. Zond with translating his late wife’s diary.
10AvalonUnairedThe team investigates the discovery of an ancient Celtic sarcophagus in America and a sinister druid cult tied to it.
11The Lost CodexUnairedThe team is in Italy to find Leonardo Da Vinci’s lost diary which may hold information that could revolutionize technology.
12EternalUnairedThe Team is in Siberia searching for Dr. Zonds’ late wife’s diary which supposedly contains the information about the location of the fountain of youth.
13Helmholtz ResonanceUnairedThe team locates a 12th century castle which supposedly holds the so-called Ring of Truth.

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Episode Screencaps

Episode 1: “Reunion

Episode 2: “Antarctica

Episode 3: “Skulls

Episode 4: “Heist

Episode 5: “Wheel of Dharma

Episode 6: “Sangraal

Episode 7: “Mummy Virus

Episode 8: “The Name of God

Episode 9: “Devil Child

Episode 10: “Avalon

Episode 11: “The Lost Codex

Episode 12: “Eternal

Episode 13: “Helmholtz Resonance

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