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    6 – Bermuda Love Triangle

    Lonely Gill-Man’s Lost Love

    By Tucker Burns

    SANDY HOOK, N.J. — In 1994, U.S. Navy pilot Roger Noland disappeared during a routine training flight in the Bermuda Triangle. Presumed dead by the military, he miraculously reappeared last week in a raft in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Although initially coy about his whereabouts for the intervening seven years, Noland now admits that he spent the time in the underwater city of Atlantis, where he thrived as a part of their ancient civilization and became engaged to one of their citizens.

    To allow Noland to survive in the submerged city, the Atlanteans implanted gills in his neck. “They gave me the ability to breathe underwater and welcomed me into their city,” said Noland. “For years, I really thought I could make Atlantis my home.”

    However, Noland eventually grew restless and risked gill and limb to return to dry land, leaving behind the civilization that embraced him, as well as his Atlantean fiancée. “We were in love,” Noland said. “But I was human, and she was Atlantean. I was scared.”

    Once Noland returned to land, his Atlantean fiancée came looking for him. One of the first humans to encounter her was Earl Porter, a New Jersey fisherman. “She got caught in my net and pulled me into the water,” said Earl. “She was strong and dangerous, and I barely escaped with my life.”

    Little did Earl know that the Atlantean woman had come to New Jersey looking for her lost love. “Atlanteans mate for life,” Noland said. “Once I left, she felt incomplete.”

    Soon, the Atlantean woman tracked Noland to his hideout, a New Jersey fish hatchery. “I tried to evade her, but I have to keep seawater running through my gills or I’ll suffocate,” Noland said. “I thought she wouldn’t find me in the hatchery, but she followed my scent.”

    To compensate for this new shortcoming, Noland constructed a device that could recycle seawater through his gills. Armed with his new invention, he set out for the desert, knowing that his Atlantean bride-to-be wouldn’t be able to follow him that far inland. But before he could bring himself to leave, Noland had second thoughts. “I realized I was running away from the woman I loved,” he said.

    Unfortunately, when Noland returned to his love, it was too late; she had already given up hope. “Her heart was broken, and she felt she had no reason to go on,” said Noland. “Instead of going back to Atlantis in shame, she turned herself into a siren. She’s now alone in the middle of the ocean, singing tragic songs to lure mariners to their doom, and I’m alone here on land.”

    To fisherman Earl Porter, a man who has spent his entire life near the ocean, the situation is heartbreaking, but not without hope. “‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all,” Porter said. “But then again, there are always more fish in the sea.”

    “Bermuda Love Triangle”

    Written by Henry Myers
    Directed by Krishna Rao

    Guest Starring:
    LORI ROM . . . . . . . .  as Shawna