• New remake: V The Series (2010)

    Now this I’m really excited about; a new version of the 80s cult series “V”.


    The original 80s series showed a race of reptilian aliens masquerading as humans entering earth in a friendly manner. They insert themselves into the communities and politics of humanity slowly, and there forms a resistance over time. Later it is revealed what dark secrets they are holding.

    The original series had many interesting concepts, and was very well executed for its time (the hovering ships are awesome.) I hope they can bring some of that into the new series and not make it too mainstream. I also hope it has a reasonably high budget so we can see the aliens and ships in full glory.

    I’m not sure on the air date, but I presume it is this fall sometime since wikipedia says 2009-2010 tv season. Not much info or imagery has been released bar the youtube trailer.

    Check Wikipedia for the details.